Construction Management

We began offering Construction Management services in response to client’s frustration at working with many small contractors whose tasks weren’t coordinated with one another on-site. The ideal person to oversee any building project is the architect or designer, as no-one knows the clients’ aspirations better than them.

We ensure that all trades are scheduled correctly, building materials arrive on-time, work is checked prior to payment and service providers and relevant statutory bodies are kept informed and provided with necessary information as the work proceeds. The construction management services we provide are as follows:

  • Establishing the project program
  • Selecting the best tradesman and companies for the job
  • Co-ordinating of builders and subcontractors
  • Dealing with suppliers to ensure materials are ordered and delivered on time
  • Monitoring progress once work starts to ensure compliance with the contract, specifications and approved documentation (including plans and building regulations)
  • Arranging for inspections by the building inspectors at appropriate stages
  • Dealing with queries that arise during building, clarifying construction documents with the contractors
  • Monitoring and informing when progress payments are due and checking claims for payment
  • Negotiating with the builder and subcontractors as necessary should unforseen problems arise during the build
  • Processing variations that arise along the way.
  • Arranging the final inspections for compliance certifications


Great working details really help on site, as does his positive attitude. A real team player. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Simon Forrest, Cheltenham