Based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, Anthony Webster Architectural Design has been practicing throughout the Cotswolds for the last 15 years.

Passionate about architecture, Anthony’s key role is to creatively adapt existing buildings and produce exciting new builds for contemporary modern living, tailored to the client’s brief.

My Philosophy

When you spend as much time looking at building projects as I do, you start to ask the question: what is good architecture? There are so many conflicting answers to this – and they are neatly wrapped in in each person’s unique perspective. In my opinion good architecture provides a solution to a brief; it follows through on all promised to clients. Creates something that will work and be fit for purpose. It provides joy to passers-by and those who dwell within, it improves lives, is long lasting and sustainable.

Good architecture is the perfect marriage of form and function, beauty and practicality with subtle integration. The only way to understand how to achieve all these things is to really listen and comprehend. My objective is to strike just the right balance to achieve the fulfilment of projects that not only have the wow factor but are affordable buildings that make people happy to live in. My work is sharp and crisp and exudes, tacitly, my focus is on quality, details and durability.

While designing and building for others, I have to be able to question and address every part of the clients’ day. What the clients’ need from those structures to make life better, easier and happier. To add those little bits of magic that only good architecture can bring, when experience and creativity unite to realise something more than the original commission, only then will we have produced truly good architecture.

Buildings should look as good as they function, with a design that makes the most of your budget while considering the long-term impact on the world around you. Each project is a unique challenge inspired by you.


Architectural design should not be limited to exteriors. While designing and then presenting to clients I realise the importance of how the interior will influence the overall concept and therefore apply the same consideration and detail to interiors. Photorealistic imagery and three-dimensional animation are important tools that allow me to present ideas ensuring the design will be the best fit for my clients.


Every architectural project forms a relationship between designer and clients but more need to be invited. I love to collaborate with highly skilled local builders and tradesman to highlight creativity and craftsmanship are alive and well in our area. Each project is more than the work of an individual designer, it takes harmonious teamwork to produce a concept and then to realise the project to completion.


From the first design meeting to the first drinks party the experience should capture the essence of adventure and spirit of fun. Fun is often associated with a lack of seriousness, in my opinion along with the other important stuff like sustainability, ergonomics, practicalities and budget, fun plays a major role in the journey from design to completion and is a vital ingredient to achieve the fulfilment of a successful building project.

Project Management

Project management is the opportunity to bring to life the design that we’ve spent months working on. As the designer of the scheme I am ideally placed to take the project forward into the construction stage. I will guide you through the building process, provide advice and support, and ensure that your project is delivered to the best quality, on time and to budget.

Anthony Webster

Anthony Webster

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